World of Wine…

Magnifier of beautiful moments in life.
Provider of profound pleasures.
Topic of endless conversation.
Supplier of extra-terrestrial energy.
Perfect companion to food.

And sometimes the cause of discombobulation or a strong urge to lie in bed and not move a muscle.

Wine is great.

In particular wine as it used to be: no use of selected yeasts, enzymes, reverse osmosis, cryoextraction, powdered tannins and little-to-no-added-sulphur. Wine made simply from crushed grapes that have fermented, honestly representing a piece of land in a particular year and the personality of the winemaker. These winemakers are in the vineyards as much as they are in the cellar—walking a tightrope of unprecedented natural circumstances to try and reach the other side—to create a wine that is vibrant, alive and moves you. Some might call it natural wine.

Every one of us has a different wine that got her or him hooked, that marked the start, the point of departure. Once you start to dig a little deeper in to the joys of wine the question we all face again and again: what to drink next?

In order to make sure that all of us not only stay hydrated but also learn a little bit more about what we’re drinking we developed this platform to open new worlds, one bottle at a time.

The wines you’ll find on this platform are imported by trusted people who visit the vineyards regularly, cultivate relationships with the winemakers and import the bottles they like from people they like.

Here’s to staying hydrated, making more informed decisions on what to drink next and remember (in the words of Olaf): drinking wine is about being social, taking care of people and not being an asshole.


This project is run by a not-very-productive but highly-hydrated team.

Olaf Schindler (Import), Fabian Greitemann (Strategy), Daisy Merrick (Sales & Operations), Elisa Henny (Tastings & Operations), Sara-Lee Rost (Digital Product Management), Jean-Francois Roy (Import), Florian Moser (Design) and Julian Stahl (Design & Development)

(in order of drinking habits)