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Free shipping on orders over €100Shipping within Germany 3–5 days
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Discover natural wine from established winemakers and the new generation; from the familiar to the obscure.

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Lockdown packages

For everyone who wants to take advantage of the new lockdown to nourish the mind, do some mental gymnastics or move towards new things: we’ve made a few packages to learn more about grapes, discover new regions and winemakers. We hope you are staying positive and testing negative.

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Bottles below 18 EUR

A selection of bottles that are good to start your adventure in the natural wine world, or that have a price that allows you to drink a few more without breaking the bank.

Milan Nestarec: rising star of natural wine in the Czech Republic

After Milan Nestarec took over the 8 hectares of vineyards planted by his father in 2001 the Czech winery quickly gained international acclaim for its clean, refreshing and vibrant skin-contact white wines.

Things are changing in Germany’s oldest wine region

Mosel. One of 13 German wine regions. Known for producing some of the world’s best Rieslings. Conservative. Yet, the last years more and more winemakers are following pioneers like Rita & Rudolf Trossen or Thorsten Melsheimer and started to shake things up.

Try light reds

A selection of lighter-styled juicy fruit-forward wines with a nice acidity and low tannins – also known as ‘glou glou’. Think Grenache, Gamay, certain blends and carbonic or semi-carbonic maceration. Wines that are served slighty chilled.

Introducing Jean-Marc Dreyer

Even in a region, not known to be a home for avant-garde winemakers, you find wines that lift traditional local varieties like Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, Auxerrois, Sylvaner, Muscat and Pinot Noir to another level.