Michel Gahier


The wines are beautifully old fashioned, their ‘richness’ is perfectly balanced by the freshness and an expression of terroir you can only find in the Jura. Montigny-les-Arsures is considered one of the best terroirs for Trousseau, but his Chardonnays are not less stunning. In the vineyard, Gahier works the largest part of his 7.5 hectares with the horse in the most natural way possible. In the cellar, he follows the traditional techniques of Jura. Started in the 80’s it was Jacques Puffeney, friend, neighbour and Jura Wine Pope who helped him to hone his skills. While many of his colleagues have become celebrities in the natural wine world, he remains a well kept secret. Being a humble and shy person, Michel Gahier does not participate in any wine faires, avoids the public and only sells his wines to people he likes.